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Self-healing As prevention Repair of COncrete Structures


2nd SARCOS Training School

Advanced materials and technologies based on inorganic binders

Skopje and Ohrid,

Macedonia, FYR 2nd -7th September, 2018

The Macedonian TV reported in the news the 2nd Sarcos Training School- RILEM Doctoral Course, organized by profs. Emilija Fidanchevski (Ss Cyril and Methodius University), Konstantin Kovler (Israel Institute of Technology), Ole Mejlhede Jensen (Technical University of Denmark) and Nele De Belie (Ghent University).

News in Macedonian, English from 6:55, with Eng. Tim Van Mullem from Ghent University answering questions from the MTV.

2nd SARCOS Training School // Macedonian TV




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