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Self-healing As prevention Repair of COncrete Structures


Working Group 1

Self-healing concrete and external healing repair materials


Self-healing of cement-based construction materials represents a valuable and cutting edge asset because of their inborn capacity to repair damages once they occur. External repair methods based on incorporating "healing promoter additives", compatible with the existing cementitious substrate, are also innovative solutions beyond the know-how for the repair and rehabilitation of the existing building and infrastructures' stock. This working group will compare and analyse the current state of the different approaches for the preventive repair of concrete structures, producing a report of the current state of art for different technologies. Moreover aim is to provide guidelines and recommendations for the different methods, including the identification of the optimal applying conditions of the evaluated approaches, even considering the implementation of hybrid solutions.



The leader of this Working Group is Nele De Belie, Professor at Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research, Ghent University (email:



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